Privacy Policy for Car Buyer For Cash Nevada

Personal information collection:

We ask for some personal information to better serve you now and in the future. We just need a little bit of information from you such as full name, current address, phone number, e-mail address and vehicle information. We also ask for voluntary information such as social media user ID’s to connect with our customers on a more personal level and to verify you are satisfied with our services.

IP addresses and spectrum collection such as cookies are also items that we collect but this is more for your browsing experience. This information will help us maintain our site, track user trends, offer technical support and just making sure your account works well at all times.

Promises to keep information safe:

We promise we will keep your information safe at all reasonable costs. We offer a secure server, limited access by authorized employees and we will never sell the information.

We won’t even share your information unless you give us specific details to share it and who to share it with exactly. These would only be associate companies that deal with us but you have the option to share or not share with them.

Option to say no:

When you fill out forms on Car Buyer For Cash Nevada website, you have the option to share with us or not share with us. If you do share information, you can always opt out of our newsletter or associate companies at a later date with no hassle.

We don’t control linked websites:

Our website contains links to third party websites and they have forms as well. We do not control the information they ask for. It is always in your best interest to review their privacy policy before submitting any information on their site and making sure their websites are safe and secure.

Privacy policy notice:

Update to Car Buyer For Cash Nevada's privacy policy may occur at any time. It is up to you to review the policy occasionally. We will post updates about it on our home page.